Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shamlessly Promoting a Motion for Promotion

So you may have noticed a slight change to the bloggy blog--there are now two little pictures off to the right where you can vote for me.

You guys know I'm not about self promotion. And you probably also know that I in no way would win for Best Humor Blog LET ALONE Best Religious Blog. But can it hurt to try? The answer is no. No it cannot.

Especially because if I can get my blog up there in numbers, I can get more readers, and we all know that I am a middle child whose only desire is for people to listen to me rant and rave about the blessings and injustices brought upon me.

Plus, who DOESN'T want to read Bible stories with light swearing?

So if you guys enjoy the blog and want to encourage me in giving you a reason to take a study break, or distract you from work, or distract ME from work (Hmm? Huh? What?) I would love it if you'd look on over to the right there and click on either one of those. You've gotta sign up in order to vote (LAAAAME) but I did it--and I am not the kind of person who signs up for things willy nilly. So take a deep breath, make up a password, and show me some love.


(Just in case empty threats work.)


Teena said...

Done, and done. Why did I vote for you for Best Religion Blog? Most likely because yours was the only one in the list flagged as having "Adult Content." And that is just too precious not to support =)

Kristin said...

done! and wow, i just caught up on like 2 weeks worth of you. also, kev is visiting me in boston, so we giggled together over stories of snaggleteeth and charlie the cat. :)