Friday, March 19, 2010

Mustache Thanks: The Mysterious Lisa

As you may recall, I made a promise. I said that if you donated money to the Mustache Cause, I would write a blog post about you.

Even if I don't know you.

Well, Emily, you now have permission to eat your words. I have in my possession the list of those who donated. And one such person is Lisa K. Lisa K, who I do not know, and have never met. As far as I know. And neither has Adrienne. The 'stache count says she is from Indy, so I first asked my Indy contacts if they knew her. They do not.

So Lisa K, I now owe you one kickass blog post, without ever knowing you. So for you I have a poem based on what I could discover via Google. I hope you enjoy it.

Lisa K. Lisa K.
What on earth do I now say?
Wait a second! Look here! Ooh!
This girl REALLY likes I.U.

She hangs out there and learns real things
Of blood and guts and arms in slings
At least that's what she prob'ly does
She's in med school. Or...well, she was.

Want to hear 'bout cells transgenic?
Hope you do! It's a pandemic!
But maybe not. It might not be.
Her paper's 10 p. long, you see.

Oh wait! She's not in med school! No!
She's in law school. Why? I don't know.
But, oh that Lisa. She likes school.
She must think it's pretty cool.

You know who I think's cool? Why, Lisa.
More than leaning tower of Pisa.
For she donated without knowing
How much she'll get those kids' smiles glowing.

Okay the end is Barf City, but hopefully Lisa will enjoy it.

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