Friday, March 12, 2010


Okay, I'mma get something off my chest righthererightnow. This is what I would like to know: What is WRONG with you people?

Yeah. I said it.

Seriously, why is it that when my boyfriend's guy friend comes in from out of town and I say "Sure, go have a good time!" That makes me an "awesome girlfriend?" How many of you are out there that legitimately have a problem with your boyfriend going out, drinking some beers, and stumbling home? Am I the only one who believes her grown-ass significant other is capable of holding himself responsible? (Also, why do I ALWAYS want to shorten significant other to "sig fig?" Is it because it's the only thing I learned in Chemistry? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!)

The real question here is: is it the ladies' faults for being overly protective? Or is it the dudes' faults for being assholes to so many of us, we no longer trust a-single one of you?

HMM?! I want answers.

In other news, one of the members of the band, 10cc is named Lol Creme.

Just hang out with that last sentence for a little bit. Cuddle with it. Hold its hand. I know I did. Now, because I am in a bit of a blogging slump at the current present, I'm just going to leave you with this:

And I'll catch you all back on Monday, when I am re-energized and ready to post about crazy things and crazy people and maybe a man getting swallowed by a whale. We'll see.


Rah said...

1) Super cute kitty picture
2) I was all excited b/c I thought you got all caught up on your blogging on the weekend, apparently this is false.
3) I think this blog should have a "like" button - just in case you don't want to really say anything (which is a rarity for me), but would like to encourage you in your blogging and simply state that you enjoyed reading it.
These are my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people take a weird sort of pride in being the "victim of crazy" in their relationship. (Note: does not apply to actual abusive relationships.)

The way I figure, it's always the most stereotypical dude or chick stuff they're complaining about. So a guy who makes a big deal complimenting a woman on completely normal behavior is actually playing a game of one-up-manship with the other dudes. They're saying "Sure, she's awesome as a person, I guess. But nevermind that - other girls are crazy, and look how awesome and rational I am compared to that! In addition, how manly! For I attract only crazy females I am powerless to resist, whose craziness merely proves how uber-feminine they are!"

Girls do this too, when they compliment dudes on normal stuff like bathing more than bi-weekly or whatever.