Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Year In Review

Wow. Another year down, 91 more to go. I've decided that I have a new goal, and that is to live to 116 and be able to say I lived in 3 different centuries. Although by the time I'm 116 I don't imagine I'll know what's going on around me anymore. But I'll be in the futuristic newspapers, and that's what's important.

2009. Two...thousand...nine. Sigh. 2009 was like this girl I used to work with who was always nice to me so I could never technically complain, but somehow I always got the feeling that she was a mean bitch who was out to get me. That was 2009.

I lost my job and never found a new one (that's that mean bitch part), but I had a lot of fun this year, made a lot of friends, and also managed to snag a boy that people actually approve of. Which is apparently a huge accomplishment for me. I consider myself a smart girl, but when it comes to picking boys... Are you chauvinistic? Drunk? Jealous? Live on the other side of the world? Well hand me an oar and let's get this sinking ship a-rowin'!

But that's all changed now. And, while the job thing is not-so-much, I feel like I've still come somewhere. I know who I am much better, and I like where and who I am. Right before I went to write this post, I found this quote:

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." --Maya Angelou

Ms. Angelou, welcome to my honorary extended family.
Aunt Meryl Streep
Uncle Rick Steves
Grandpa Carl Reiner
Grandma Maya Angelou

ANYWAY, Grandma Maya Angelou is right. I especially think this because her quote means I am successful. Phew. Thank God.

I believe when I look back on 2009 in the future, I will remember it as a good year. Especially if I can find a job that makes this yearlong break worth it. And that is still to be seen.

TOMORROW: Looking Ahead to 2010, or, Holy Shit Things Are About To Change.


Anonymous said...

So many things:
1) Can I take credit for the adopting family thing? *side note: by and large, proud of your choices family wise.
2) When I read "Carl Reiner" I was picturing Mel Brooks - oops. But Rick Steves? The Traveling Guy? This interests me.
3) I thought Jim was your adopted husband....even though you have Joe.
4)You crack me up. I lova. :)

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to add that Carl Reiner kindda looks like a bald Ed McMahan.

Emily said...

1) Yes
2) Me too sometimes...weird. And also Uncle Rick Steves is amazing, do not question him.
3) Jim is not adoptive, he is my real life future husband (after he gets over this whole Emily Blunt phase)
4) *hugs*