Friday, December 18, 2009

Sports Show Idea

I have an ingenious idea for a television show. COPYRIGHTED!! (When you scream "copyrighted!", that means it's copyrighted, right?)

I want to make a sports show--HEAR ME OUT!!--for the non sports fan. For the person who is forced to watch sports with others, like their boyfriend, dad, wife, whomever. I have been one such victim. And it is a sad, lonely road to walk down, my friends.

Here's the premise: We start a radio show that airs at the same time as The Big Game. The radio show consists of me and my college friends, Laura and Kathy (who I am aware you don't know, but you will grow to love). And we comment. I will say idiotic things, Laura will make innuendos and funny retorts, and Kathy will explain things to us when we don't know what's going on. For example:

Emily: Okay...there's a bunch of dudes getting ready to start hiking the ball. I believe they'll be throwing it over to the left there.
Laura: Whoah--those white pants show a little much, am I right? Aaaand they seemed to have hiked the ball to the guy with the dreadlocks sticking out of his helmet, which I personally find distracting.
Emily: I believe he is the tight end.
Everyone: ((giggles.))
Kathy: That's absolutely tight--I mean right, Emily, and he's taking that football all the way to the ten! What a fine, tight end that man is.

And that sort of thing. And anyone who is forced to watch a sports game can tune into our show, maybe listen on headphones, and giggle along with us while their sports fans yell and scream and get angry about things they can't control.

I haven't figured out how we'd be able to comment on every game ever, but...details, details.


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