Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lazy Brain

I am sick. Or in pain. Or dying. I don't know which, because my symptom is weird. See, yesterday I was more typically sick. Aches, aversion to food, but no fever (so suck it, swine flu). Today, that is all gone. And it has been replaced by one thing: as soon as I stand up or move, my stomach muscles cry out for help. Of course this happens now, because I just switched my insurance to hospitalization-only one week ago. I'm going to go ahead and say it: Cobra got me sick. Or in pain. Or dying. I don't know which, because my symptom is weird and WebMD has given me a vast list of possibilities.

So, since it is a mystery and I have no doctor to go to, I'm going to tell the blogosphere: if I die, tell them to check my stomach. It's possible that it is all black and covered with holes. Or...holed with holes.

(EDIT: while sick, I also think that all the hair on my body has stopped growing. Don't ask me how I know this. Just be sure to inform the autopsist.)

Whilst I lay here, writhing alone in my room, I have been thinking about anti-social-ness (versus anti-socialism, which I think is more in the Glenn Beck milieu). I mean, the past two days have been forced anti-social-ness, seeing as I can't manage to stand up. But sometimes I just have an irrational urge to stay home.

Like, when someone who I like will invite me somewhere that sounds fun, my brain yells, "Say no! Don't do it. It's too hard. You'll have to get up...put on shoes...best to make an excuse and watch TBS instead." I also do this before interviews or even work-related calls. "What if you just don't call them? Just put the phone down. It's easier this way."

I guess it's really all just laziness. It just seems strange to me because it's not laziness to avoid doing something difficult or boring. It's laziness against having fun and/or getting a job. Regardless, at some point my brain just goes, "Hehhhh...this is harrrrd" and tries to convince the rest of me to turn around, put my pajama pants back on, and crawl into bed. Luckily, this is not my entire brain function, and my legs usually keep on walking out of my apartment.

Does this happen to anyone else? The urge to say no to something good? Am I secretly Catholic?

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