Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hello, my name is Emily, and I have a “shun” problem. As in “tion” “sion” and “cion.” And it's an issue, because I'm supposed to be good at English.

I am not necessarily proud of being good at English. More, it boggles my mind when others are bad at it. And it’s totally a double standard. Because I am the WORST at science. What’s an isotope? Don’t know. No idea. Possibly something made of ice.

Can’t do science. Don’t understand people who can. But I CAN do English, and I look down upon people who cannot. Which I recognize makes me a horrible, terrible person. They should write songs about what a bad person I am.

But hopefully I can make up some of my horribleness with this: I have a serious problem with T, S, and C. Especially in words that end in the sound "shun." Don’t know when to use them. Never figured it out. Thank God for spell check and the internet, or I would be hopelessly, hopelessly lost.

Permision. Permition? Permicion? WHAT?! NONE of those are right?! SCREW YOU, squiggly red line!

Oh, there’s two s’s.


Anonymous said...

May I lovingly correct my English-loving friend? It's technically "there are" because "two" is plural ("there's" would only work if it were one "s"). :P

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that you take several tries with "pencil"

"pensil" no it's "pencil" ohh no now I have it. Pencil. Pensil. It's Pencil. DAMN IT! Pencil. Pensil?

love your dearest younger sister

Emily said...

1) I know it's "there are" but as a copywriter, I am trained to write as I speak. And I speak with poor grammar.

2) You love my dearest younger sister? I mean, she's okay, but I don't know if you need to pronounce your love for her on my blog.