Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Eyebrow Killer

"Have you seen the girl in Wicker Park who makes faces?"
"Why, yes! I saw her at North and Wood just the other day!"

...I imagine this is a common conversation amongst Chicagoans. Anyone who pases me in the street has probably gotten some strange face or another. The issue is, I have fake conversations all the time and for some reason I find it necessary to have these conversations in broad daylight while walking down the street. It must be some kind of tic.

At least I don't talk out loud. It all happens in my head...except for the facial expressions. Apparently it's uncontrollable. And anyone who passes me in the street has probably almost gotten smacked in the face by one of my quickly raised eyebrows. "Oh REALLY?!" smack "And what about THIS?!" crash

I tried to stop the faces by just listening to music. You better believe that helps not at all. Because sooner or later, Poor Unfortunate Souls comes on Shuffle.

My God, the massacre.

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Sara Gorsky said...

OH MY! I will be checking in here daily. GO BLOG GO!