Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Procrastination Brought to you by: Others!

Sorry, guys. Today looks like another light post day. I have things to do, what can I say? It's a strange thing for me, too.

But you all really pulled through on the mustache donations! Sadly, we didn't win any prize--either for most money earned or most creativity, though it's generally acknowledged that we WERE the fan favorite. And the important thing, especially, is that it's for the children. Who WILL benefit from your help.

So it appears that next week will begin my quest to post about all you lovely people who donated! (And Adrienne will be starting on a few logos as well.) Who to start with? Who to start with? Hmmm....let me mull it over. While I do that, check out these random links from my Bookmarks. Because, frankly, someone's got to waste away your day, and it can't be me today.

Plants can tweet!
Your new daily webcomic, Natalie Dee.
What to do with that organic, cage-free Greek yogurt sausage from TJ's
Barcodes, but FUN!
Who knew organs could be so cute?
And last but not least (trust me on that):
Everything you need before embarking on a potluck.

Have a great weekend!

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