Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Vacation from my PROBLEMS! You BET I Will!

I'm going on vacation! Leaving in an hour! (Due to my lack of guessing ability, we actually got ready a whole hour earlier than we needed to. Whoops! Oh well, now I have time to post this.) Joe and I are heading off for Hilton Head, where his parents live. His mother could not be more excited. There was squealing involved. At first we were going to go somewhere we'd never been, like San Francisco, but it turns out you actually have to plan when you decide to go places. WHATEVER.

So now we're off to South Carolina to lay on the beach. I tell ya, my life is just SO HARD sometimes.

I just want everyone to know that I recognize how ridiculous it is to need a vacation from being unemployed, but as Dr. Leo Marvin prescribed, I need a vacation from my problems. Sitting around every day wondering why even the people who ALWAYS get back to me are no longer responding makes me feel like my brain has been doing crunches and my stomach has been doing some philosophical thinking. And I would just like a week to be as relaxed as everyone else, to not feel like I SHOULD be doing something or emailing people or writing headlines or whatever it is that functioning members of society do.

Things I Hope To Acquire This Week
- A nice base tan
- A liking of at least ONE form of seafood
- Vast amounts of pralines
- The shirt from the Paula Deen restaurant with a picture of a cow saying "Hay Ya'll" to a pig and a rooster.

I figure I'll post a few things next week. I shouldn't be SO busy that there's no time for posting. But if you feel that next week is marked by my absence, now at least you know why.

So enjoy your week! I'll bring you back lots of fresh pralines! (And by "bring you back" I of course mean "eat".)

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Sra said...

I heart you. By the way, if I hear of Lake Winnipesaukee adventures, I will, in fact kill you. Lova. P.S. I'm ALL OVER the squealing!