Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Super Bowl 2010 Prediction: Who To Root For

Start placing your bets now, people. I have your scientific Super bowl prediction. With my MASSIVE knowledge of sports, I found it easy to weigh the pros and cons of this year’s Big Game. So here we go. Sports Center, eat your heart out.

DUN dun dun dunnnnnnn (BUM BUM, BUM BUM)

The Colts

I have family in Indy: +1

The Colts seem a little too satisfied with themselves: -1

But it’s Indiana. Give them some slack. They have nothing: +1

Which Manning is on this team? Who cares, someone has to stop them: -1

Their mascot is possibly the cutest mascot ever: +1

The Colts beat the Bears in 2007: -1,000,000

The Saints

At first I thought the Jets were playing and I was excited to sing West Side Story during the game. But it’s the Saints: -1

The city’s had it rough the past few years: +1

But still, at least they aren’t Indiana: -1

They have the shinier helmet: +1

Their mascot is a Saint Bernard. Not an actual saint. WTF: -1

Gumbo: +1

Final Tally
Colts: -999,999 Saints: 0

Looks like I’m rooting for the Saints! GooooOOOOOO SAINTS!

(added note: I love her, but seriously I kinda hope Liv Tyler dies right before the Super bowl to bring new meaning to "Super bowl X-LIV." Anyone? No one? Pff.)

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Liketohike said...

Interesting tidbits you might want to work in: Drew Brees, Quarterback for the Saints, came to them from Purdue, also in Indiana. Peyton Manning, QB for the Colts, grew up in New Orleans, where his dad was QB for the Saints. Destiny? I think so.

Also: The Colts are totally going all the way.