Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I swear I had a whole post brewing. But then Adrienne and I decided to do the Mustache-a-thon that my volunteer place is holding. Both men and women can grow mustaches (well, really, girls "grow" mustaches) and have people sponsor them. And all proceeds go to the volunteer place.

I was iffy on the idea until I realized that Adrienne and I could be cohorts. And now I'm pumped. So I spent all night coming up with a tagline. Which is still in the works.

But check out the amazingness that Adrienne created for us:

That's her and I, of course. I have never looked cuter, if I do say so myself. The idea of it being that since our mustaches will be fake, they may or may not be made out of frosting. Also....cupcakes.

Here is our intro for tomorrow:
We are Adrienne and Emily. Together we are...Collabostache. We don't know much about growing mustaches, but we know a thing or two about frosting. And the most important components of frosting are consistency and flavor. Which, coincidentally, may be the most important components of mustaches. Collabostache oh-ten.

Expect an update later when I actually have an idea of how this whole thing works, and when I shamelessly ask you to sponsor me in my frosting endeavors.

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Anonymous said...

but how can you paint on a mustache made of frosting and not lick it off??