Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Best Of?

One new thing I'd like to add to my blog is a list of some Favorite Posts so far. They say it helps increase viewership. And as I've said before, being a middle child means that my goal in life is to get as much attention as possible from those who are averse to giving it.

So I feel like at this point, I've got enough posts to start telling people which ones to read (and which they can skip, let's be honest here.)

I was thinking, based on the reactions I've received from people:

1. As I recall: Moses
2. Feminism
3. Cheese Knives.

What do you think? Are there any more that strike you as good enough that if someone read that one--and only that one--that they'd want to keep reading more random things I say? Help a lonely, deranged, unemployed copywriter out.

I'm looking at YOU,
Sra M.
Laura M.
Erin R.
Kristin R.
Kim L.
Katie G.
Hannah S.
Sara G.
Margaret (Z)N.
Adrienne C. & Family

...God, I need to get more guy friends. Maybe I should stop making fun of sports so damn much. Well at least you, TOO:

Keith P.
Joe-P C.


Anonymous said...

I vote Moses.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Bible stories...or the ones where you take us places in your imagination (ie. "If Old People Had It Their Way" and "My Winter Happy Place, You're Welcome")....perhaps more Top 10 things...but basically, you're a creative genius and anything will be super nifty and glorious to read.

Joe Campos said...

Joe-me votes Cheese Knives.

Anonymous said...

I say, top 3 pet peeves

also facebook faux pas

and if you're looking to lure people within seconds, whichever one is your facebook ads that says, "thank god... for cheese!" or something along those lines


Kristin said...

it's the div school nerd in me i guess, because i'm partial to all the retold bible stories. (perhaps it's also because i can imagine all of our old sunday schools ... and playing hangman in the middle of church. yes? remember that?)

anyhoo. yeah, bible stories ... and pretty much just about anything else on here. i now use the ejs blog as one of my daily "mental breaks." so keep 'em up!

Keith P. said...

Your post "A Cure for Writer's Block" was my absolute favorite. I laughed out loud many a time during said post.

Also, a line in this post made me laugh harder than any other: "But there are some days when I get on the elliptical and immediately think, "this is the worst thing ever and if I continue for one more second, the Indian kid running in the jean shorts is going down."

You're brilliant. Everything you post makes my day.

Erin Renzas said...

I'm behind in reading, but I am sure I'll have opinions.


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