Tuesday, August 3, 2010

They Like Me? They Really Like Me?

So I finally did it. I made this blog a Facebook fan page.


I've been avoiding this day for a while. It just felt so narcissistic--making a little homage to myself and then telling everyone to like me? I couldn't bring myself to do it. I mean, I haven't felt this desperate since the 6th grade, when I got braces and decided that all the boys were going to like me because of how mature I was sure to look.

But what I COULD bring myself to do was constantly annoy people by posting blog updates on my regular profile, where everyone who I've had a conversation with in the past 7 years can see them. Not that I mind anyone reading my blog. I just figured there are some who might be a tad over me by now.

PLUS! There are people out there reading my blog who I don't even know! *looks at you all lovingly* and I wanted you guys to have a better way to keep up with what's going on. You know, so you have up-to-date knowledge about who I'm angry at RIGHT NOW.

So we're in experiment phase. And while I did not make the page in order to beg you all to like me, PLLEEEEEASE, PLEAASSSSEEEEE like me! Don't let it just be me sitting on there, updating to myself. Go over there to the right, click on the button and I can has fans?


Liz said...

As someone who knew you in 6th grade, and hasn't had a conversation with you in MORE than 7 years, I wanted to leave some extra validation expressing my love for your blog :) Very often, I find myself starting sentences with, "My friend Emily from junior high writes this hysterical blog and today she said..." It's pretty much awesome.

Emily said...

Liz! You are so great!

Just for you...my next post is going to be about my specific fear of spiders in the bathroom.