Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Job Saga: Tentative High Fives All Around

Let me preface this by telling you that I just ate some old spaghetti sauce and since Joe is gone this week, if no one hears from me for a while, I may or may not have just given myself food poisoning. Just a head's up.

So for today I give you an update on my employment status. SO MUCH FUN, I know. I know. The thing is, they love me at this internship. I am the best freakin' intern they've ever known to exist (paraphrasing.) They want to hire me. But--


--they're on a hiring freeze. Wah wah waaaaaaahhhh. Is anyone else getting really tired of this whole economy thing? I mean, it was all fun and games a year ago, but come on now. Let's all go out and buy a pair of jeans and kick-start this puppy on up, hmm?

Anway, they DID manage to keep us (me and my partner) on for two extra weeks. And we'll see what happens after that. Gunna try all I can to keep myself there. Because, honestly, I really like it. Everyone is awesome. I'm learning a LOT. I'm selling a sh*t ton of ads. And, let's face it. If I get to be there full time...





So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, bowing toward Mecca, getting in some girl time with Mary, fasting a little extra during Rosh Hashanah, shaking my fist at religious billboards (or whatever an Athiest would do to make good things happen...try?) because I'm serious about doing all that I can about this.

Sorry for another short post. I'm in the process of writing one tentatively called To The Class of 2003: A Rewrite. It might take a little while. In the meantime, won't you be my Facebook fan? then you'll know when I actually post something! And get bonus Sesame Street clips! Good times all around, and that's no jive.

OH! And I'm also enlisting Adrienne to help stop this blog from being such an eye sore, so watch for that.

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