Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Talking REAL Derby

Okay. HERE'S the deal.

I know I'm breaking the 4th wall here or whatever, but I got more hits for this blog yesterday than I have gotten in the past 30 days. And possibly more. I don't know, stupid blogtrackerthing won't go back further than that.

I nearly had an aneurysm when I saw the number of hits. Until I realized where they were all coming from--you Derby girls! CHRIST there are a lot of you. It's like I say the word Derby and Windy City Rollers and Hell's Belles and Sargentina and Genniferal and Riley Coyote and Beth Amphetamine and you guys just start clicking all over the place.

And that is awesome. Just awesome. And what I realized is--if I got as many people to vote for my blog as who just LOOKED at it yesterday, I would be kicking some serious Blogger's Choice ass.

So I have concocted a plan. And this one goes out to everyone: Derby girls, non-Derby girls, boys who like spit-fire girls with tattoos...

If you guys click here and vote for my blog (yeah, you have to sign up but it is seriously harmless. I did it so I could vote for 2birds1blog and there is no spam or email blasts involved.) I will do something in return.

If my blog reaches the number 3 spot (which would currently require 37 more votes) I WILL buy roller skates. I WILL go to practice. And I WILL do what I can to become a Derby girl. And of course I will blog about it each step of the way.

The incentive here is really in watching me attempt to learn how to skate.
Question: did I almost fall down when I tried to get out of bed today?
Answer: QUIET, YOU.

Can you imagine the shenanigans?? WELL? CAN YOU???

I'm sorry, I know I'm self-promoting all over everyone's biz and it is probably a huge turn off. I'm just really pumped about the idea of doing well--AND of buying really awesome roller skates if I do.

And since you've all been so nice, I promise a good Bible post next. See? I write things.


Rah said...

If we've already voted, do you want us to vote again? Is that even allowed?

Laura said...

Holy crap, everyone needs to vote. I voted long ago with no incentive other than the fame and eventual fortune of my dear friend. But NOW???? Oh man. I will be your freaking campaign manager if the possible outcome is seeing you on roller skates. I will drive from another state. I will make signs. I will yell. Annnnd I will laugh at you when you do something embarassing. :)

Emily said...

See, Laura knows what's up. She understands the hilarity of the possible situation.

Rah, no you don't. You have done your part and I thank you immensely.

Now if you all will excuuuuuse me. I have a tuna melt burning on the stove.

Ua said...

Voted. :)

Tryouts are throughout the year; I believe one is coming up very soon. You don't need to know how to skate; the league is very good about teaching you and you'll go through lots of training regardless.

Don't be afraid to reach out to someone in the league before buying skates so that you're getting what's best for you and your price range. You might be able to get some used stuff for cheap, too. Actually, the lovely Jackie Daniels is our equipment guru ^.^ Definitely chat her up when you come out again.

Thanks for all of the derby love!

- Ua (Referee)

abbey said...

After your original post I saw an ad for our local derby girls. They were looking for fresh meat. Your blog alone almost convinced me. Then I remembered my wild intolerance for pain. ;)

I hope eveyone votes! Go for it!