Friday, July 23, 2010

Sad Is Bad And Happy Is Cool

So while waiting for my boss to return from a late meeting yesterday, I decided to search for Lamb Chop's Play-Along clips (naturally.)

A) I HIGHLY recommend you do this. In fact, here:

B) "If you like funny jokes, they put you away"? Shari Lewis, what kind of old lady phrases were you putting in our heads? I spent more years than I would like to admit singing/"rapping" along to that song and thinking I was dumb for now knowing what it meant. How dare you, madam. How dare you.

C) I didn't mean that, Shari Lewis. I didn't mean it. It came from a place of anger and confusion.

D) Was Hush Puppy an old black man as seen in movies? Am I racist for thinking that?

E) Why do I find myself increasingly wondering how racist I am?

F) Yes, I am intentionally not talking about The-Song-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

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Rah said...

1) I'm totally impressed by how much of that I was able to sing...the memory is a crazy thing
2) I don't think I actually figured out that she does all the voices, I knew she did Lamb Chop's but not the other. Yet again, another belief system out the window
3) I agree, I think Hush Puppy's supposed to be the "black" component of the puppets. I dont' think that's racist, just observant