Monday, June 14, 2010

What I Did Today Instead Of Writing You A Post Worth Reading On Tuesday

1. Finally watched Alice in Wonderland, the New Class
And you know what? I LIKED it. So take that. The hero was a girl in a suit of armor and she didn't end up in love at the end. That's enough to get all those little feministic pieces of me all fluttery. Now if only Helena BC and JDepp would get together with Cameron Diaz and Glenn Beck and agree to stop saying things ever, all would be right with the world.

2. Worked out

Except since we moved I have to go to an inferior gym coughBALLYcough and they don't have individual TVs, only the ones in the front.

GOD my life is SO HARRRRRD.

No, but seriously it's a pain in my ass (literally--zing!) because they set half the TVs to special gym channels that are useless, and the others to ESPN and CNN. And I'm sorry. I am sweating my ass off over here on your slimy machines. Is it too much to ask for a little prime time? Seriously. All I need is a decent plot line to distract me from the suffering happening in the inside of my body. I do not like my choices of Some Team versus Who Cares, or an interview with that bald southern alien man.

3. Fretted over the lack of eggs I own in my Facebook flash restaurant game
Yeah. You want to fight about it? What.

4. Tried and failed to come up with a decent headline.

Headlines are also harrrrrrrd. Why do I have to wriiiite themmmmmm??
Oh, right because I'm a copywriter and that was my conscious choice and it's basically what I get paid to do all day. *Sigh* GOD, the things I do for you, expensive Nordstrom bras. THE THINGS I DO.

5. Successfully cooked chicken that didn't make me feel like gagging

I'm a freaking culinary genius over here. Thursday is homemade sloppy joes and YEAH. You're jealous.

And that is all. Special shout out today to my little brother, John, who I dreamt got hit on the head when a car flew over him and instead of ducking, he video taped it. Thanks for automatically making my day feel sad and terrible. I hate you. Please don't die.


Liketohike said...

I know this may sound crazy, but can you ask a gym employee if you can change the channel?

Congratulations on the chicken!

Emily said...

Well I did once. She changed it to abc, for America's Got Talent. Which was fine but'd be surprised how un-entertaining singing is when it's muted with subtitles. oh wait, no you wouldn't be.

Also, usually there are a lot of people already on the machines and they seem to be enjoying the horribleness.

Liketohike said...

America's Got Talent? That is crazy. Maybe you can suggest a network? Sorry everyone else seems to be enjoying it, they sound like fakers.