Thursday, June 3, 2010

My First Internship Day: Pizza, Sun, and General Lunacy

Okay. FINALLY I can tell you about my first day as an intern. Besides the fact that I spilled scalding hot tea down my shirt on my way in (typical, and in no way surprising) my first day was quite sunshiny! Literally. Because I actually have a window. A WINDOW. Do you understand my level of happiness? I, Emily. Have a window. Aaaaand a cubicle the size of a hermit shell. BUT ALSO A WINDOW, which is WAY better than personal space. I don’t need space. I have OUTER space. Or...okay I’m going to move on.

Also, I work in the “multicultural” section, aka the Spanish language ads section. Which I thought would be cool because, uh hello? Expanding my horizons. Also I can tune people out a lot more easily when they aren’t speaking my first language. Except I can’t tune them out AT ALL, it turns out. I just end up getting distracted trying to translate everything everyone is saying. “Hello...and then...that...with...face...DAMN IT, TALK SLOWER, PEOPLE!!”

The only thing that went slightly wrong today was pretty much what goes wrong for me on the 1st day of anything. A normal person on their first day is super quiet. They are unsure how to act, so they default to being nice. I, on the other hand, get nervous and therefore try to crack inappropriate jokes to the sound of crickets. I actually made a joke about "see you next Tuesday." On my first day of work. I also spent ten minutes discussing the pros and cons (but really just pros) of Chicago-style pizza to a girl from LA who clearly could care less. Why am I the way that I am? Tell me. Why.

For some reason I get louder and more obnoxious as people become more quiet. Overcompensation would probably be my superhero quality. “Look! Super Emily forgot to kill one of the bad guys! So now she's killing every human on earth! Yaaaaaay!”

So basically, first day of work list:

Good Things:
-I have a window
-I had free deep dish pizza

Bad Things:
-Everyone thinks I am psychotic (possibly true)
-Everyone thinks I slobber (definitely true)
-The shift key on my keyboard sticks.

I think if your shift key is amongst the things you have to complain about, then things are shaping up to be pretty swell.

Hip Hip?

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