Friday, February 11, 2011

The Copywriter's Dream Journal

I have found it.

Since middle school, I've kept a journal. Starting in lined notebooks and moving on to internet, I've always had some way to record my jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, adventurous life. Entries like, "Today Michelle and I had a sleepover and made cinnamon rolls." "I had a dream that Kevin W and I went to the dance together. It was awesome." "Made up a new nickname for Teena. It caught on. Popularity here I come!"

I mean...who am I to deprive the world of such inspiring words?

But lately, I've lost the "Dear Diary" method of recording. And while I love sharing stuff on this blog, none of y'all want to know about the OUTSTANDING mac & cheese I had at lunch today. And besides. How boring does a diary seem that's filled with pages of "today i did this and it was cool."

Until I found this at Urban Outfitters (QUIT YOUR SCOFFING, I CAN HEAR YOU FROM HERE.)

As you can see, it's a 5-year diary that gives you only enough space for about 3 sentences. Enough to decide what the one thing was that you did that day, jot it down, and wait until tomorrow. And as a copywriter trained in the art of conciseness? What could be a better once-a-day exercise in keeping it simple?

Also, it is possibly the cutest book ever.
1. It is seafoam green, the cutest of all the greens.
2. It has that gold stuff on the edges of the pages, which I found mesmerizing as a child. (I was bored a lot.)
3. The cover is slightly squishy, almost that same material as how they used to make toilet seats before everyone realized how gross that is.

Besides all this, I love that it lasts for 5 years, and each page is the same day of 5 different years. So as long as I keep at it, when I'm 31 (ACK! ACK!) I'll be able to look back on one page and see how my life has/has not changed in the past 5 years.

And that's all. I'm just really excited. Sorry. This is not the post you're looking for.

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