Thursday, February 10, 2011

50 Finger 'Stache Official Results

Welp! Adrienne and I FINALLY presented our 50 finger 'staches yesterday. It was supposed to be last week but The Storm Of Insanity (not to be confused with The Cliffs of Insanity) kept us all in our houses.

Here's the entire thing. Look how pretty!!

And here are the winners. *Awkward Michael Scott Drumroll*




AND SECRET ASSISTANT TO THE FIRST PRIZE (brought to you by Regina Phalange):

Sadly, our efforts did not win us a prize, but you guys should have SEEN the great stuff people brought in. The winner made an entire (BOUND) coloring book. Someone else made pins. Someone else made 50 drawings that were good enough that Adrienne and I both bought one off of her at $5 each. That does NOT, however, mean that we don't appreciate the effort that you guys put into your finger 'staches, and we thank you VERY much. Wow, I'm really into the CAPS today. I regret nothing.

Of course, if you can donate a bit (a dollar, five...a million, whatever) to the cause, which is a tutoring center in inner-city Chicago, that makes you even more splendorrific. Go to "Collabostache" and donate your heart out.

1 comment:

Drew said...

I completely meant to enter in this contest. I've always aspired to have a finger mustache picture, and I felt your blog would be a great way to jump into that world. Damn.

P.S., I responded to your comment on my blog. Thank you for caring about my absence!