Monday, September 12, 2011

Home Improvement Reunion Picture?! YES AND PLEASE.

Let's go clockwise here, shall we?

1. Mark, I expected nothing less from you.
2. Tim, nice to see you as always.
3. Brad! I know your best days as a dreamy blonde soccer player are behind you, but METH IS NOT THE WAY TO GO!
4. Oh, wow, Heidi looks really goo--WAIT. What is going on with her arm?....And lips?
5. You keep trucking, Al. You just keep on trucking.
6. JTT! You look different...kinda...not really...or do you? Meh, you know what? I'd still date you.
7. Jill. Jill Jill Jill Jill Jill. You are the Jennifer Aniston of TV moms. I'm really banking on this whole "prettier with age" thing so please keep up the good work.


saragorsky said...

yeah, mark is frickin ADORABLE!

Liketohike said...

Jill gets the last laugh because she is way hotter than Heidi!

Abbey said...

Brad looks like be photobombed the shot and they forgot to edit him out. He has a very, "I was told there would be pizza" look on his face.

Also, Heidi... What?

Joe said...

Jill does indeed look amazing. And, Emily, you have her to look forward to on future episodes of the West Wing.

Yep, I said it... she's on West Wing.

shanje said...

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