Monday, August 15, 2011

4 Things I Drew That Were Accidentally Adorable

Bear with me as I give a little explanation about the basic structure of creative advertising, as it is important to explain how these drawings came to be.

People who create ads are split up into two groups: art directors and copywriters. One focuses on how the ad looks and specializes in graphic design and scrolling through hours of stock photos, and one focuses on how the ad sounds or reads and specializes in making people feel bad for not knowing the difference between "its" and "it's". Usually they put one of each together and you make ads with that one person. Sometimes I forget that most people don't know all this and talk about Jamie as my "partner" which gets a raised eyebrow until I clarify.

Brainstorming together, Jamie and I usually throw ideas at each other, scribble stuff down, figure out what we like, and then Jamie sketches something and I put together some basic copy. Once we feel we're getting the point across, we can show it to our Creative Directors and see what they think.

Sometimes, though, I have an idea that Jamie isn't seeing. So in order to show what I mean, I draw something quickly so she can create something much more lovely than I could. And sometimes they turn out accidentally awesome. Here are four I've made that I was particularly proud of.

This one was supposed to be a panel of judges at a food network show. You know how there is always some snooty British person? May I introduce the man on the left.

This was a woman surrounded by a bubble. Within her bubble was a meadow, even though she was really at home. She just looks so darn happy!

This is a woman picking up her nice-smelling dog. The dog looks so confused!

This one I couldn't find the real picture to scan it, I only found the picture I took of it. But it is Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present. And isn't he the cutest, shocked-looking Scrooge you've ever seen? Look at his nightcap all blown back and everything!

Okay, that is all. Just wanted to share my accidental creativity with you all.

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Liketohike said...

I want to be an exuberant lady in a meadow-bubble!