Monday, July 11, 2011

A Question About Your Childhood

Okay guys, this will be quick and painless. So the other day I met a cool group of ladies and upon shaking my hand, one girl said, "Emily! That's the name I would use when I was little and I'd make up a fake name for myself!"

And right here is where I'm assuming every guy is going, "Wait...what now, crazy?" and every girl is going "OH MY GOD YES!!!!1"

Thing is, not only could every girl remember making up a name, but we all still knew that name right then and there.

Mine was Brooke, in case you were wondering. Michelle's was Kathy, which is never not funny.

I don't really know what situation it was that we were making up names. I guess "House" or "Dolls" or "Barbies." For some reason you couldn't just be your OWN name. And you couldn't use the name they gave on the box. You had to have an entirely new persona.

I will also tell you, and this is only because I know Michelle would tell you in the comments anyway, that my alter ego was also usually physically disabled. What can I say? I wanted a challenge. Skipper and Barbie going to work in evening gowns? BORING. Brooke and Kathy trying to collect enough berries to make mud soup with only the use of one leg? ENDLESSLY fascinating.

So I'm curious:
Ladies, what was your fake name? Don't be that way, you know you had one.
Dudes, did you make up fake names, too? Or were you just "Batman and Michelangelo" or "Red Guy and Green Guy"?

Let's hear it in the comments!


abbey said...

Carly. It was always the name we used and it all originated during a game we called "Carly and the Evil Babysitter". I don't know where the name came from but the game came from too much Calvin and Hobbes. :)

Carmen said...

My sister and I would fight over who got to be "Christy" which is weird now that I think about it because my sister's real name is Crystal...the names seems totally different at the time. Anyway, it was because of this show:

Michelle -the one referenced in this post :) said...

CARMEN!!! That was one of my most favorite shows in the history of the universe! I have all of them on VHS (I got 'em when they first came out and now VHS is just archaic).

Kristin said...

Krystal. It wasn't even a fake name -- I actually wanted to change my name to that at one point. Speaking of which ... wasn't there a Full House episode where Stephanie tries to change her name or something? I think that's where I got the idea ...

Michelle said...

Wasn't Stephanie's name Dawn for that episode?