Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life Update

Wow, this week has been very...different.

So if you can recall, I moved this week. Still within the city limits of Chicago, but BARELY. I took off work on Wednesday and Thursday, moving my stuff from our apartment in the South Loop up to a studio in a neighborhood called Edgewater, which is North Side to the xtreme. (Yeah. No "e". THAT'S HOW FAR NORTH I LIVE NOW.)

The second day, we moved the rest of our stuff-we-don't-need-for-four-months-which-makes-me-question-if-we-REALLY-need-it-at-all-and-then-I-remember-it's-stuff-like-a-couch-and-a-blender-and-I-don't-feel-SO-bad-but-really-I-still-question-it-and-then-I-watch-Hoarders-and-think-"well-at-least-it's-not-mummified-rats-and-old-toothbrushes"-and-I-feel-a-little-better-but-seriously-do-we-REALLY-need-this-chair? into a storage unit.

And the rest of the week was spent unpacking and learning about my new neighborhood. It is seriously bizarre how much I feel like I'm in a totally different city right now, to the point where it felt odd coming into work because, well, shouldn't I WORK somewhere else, too? Something consistent in my life?? HUH??

NEW THINGS: I live walking distance to the beach (WHAT?! AWESOME), there are trees everywhere instead of cement covered in dog pee, and the woman working the cash register at Dunkin Donuts is best friends with everyone and calls us all "My Friend." It might just be the most glorious thing ever.

The sad thing that comes with all this is that Joe is gone to San Francisco. His zip code starts with a 9 instead of a 6. It is sad. And quiet. But I've been preparing for it for so long, it doesn't feel that horrible yet. I'm emotionally prepared AND physically prepared: I've been waiting to read Bossypants for a month so I'd have something to do. And we've already done a Skype video call in which I spent most of the time looking at my own hair and wishing I'd put on a little eyeliner.

ALSO, I'm making a puppet but I can't tell you why!! I wish I could but I can't for like two weeks. I'm making it for a contest and if I tell you what contest it will mess with my chances. But I can show you the puppet! And I can show you my test run with him. I'm trying to get a hang of his personality and voice, so I just started talking...and out came the Brady Bunch theme song. And yes, THIS is officially the nerdiest thing I've done since the time I memorized all the words to the Black Knight scene in Monty Python.

So that's basically where I'm at. Studio, Reading, Work, Puppet. I'm cool with it.


Tom said...

Welcome to the North Side! And trust me, there's plenty of city north of you with even more beaches, tree lined streets and reasonably friendly people without snowshoes; we just don't tell the downtown-ers about any of it because we're afraid you'll all come up here with your concrete and dog pee and expect to cut down the trees and live on the 30th floor of something.

I wouldn't get too sweaty about the four-digit address; we've got roads and groceries and everything up here and the train even goes north of Belmont. I think you'll dig it.

Liketohike said...

I love the puppet! Don't ferget Alice!

Emily said...

Tom, I feel from your sarcasm that you're at the same point about "NORTHERN CHICAGO IS NOT NARNIA" as I am about "I KNOW SAN FRANCISCO IS EXPENSIVE BUT IT'S NOT A REASON TO NOT LIVE THERE." and I think we should breathe a collective "JESUS CHRIST" and move onward.

Tom said...
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Tom said...

Amen. Onward!

Joolia said...

i laughed at the skyping part. i look at myself too.
hope you are coping well, Emily. think I have to start a long distance relationship too...