Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lost Drinking Game: Season 1 (*SPOILER ALERT*)

A few of my friends get together and watch Lost every Sunday. It started as an attempt to hang out with some friends who'd just had a baby. Well, it's been about a year and now that baby is walking, shaving, rolling his eyes at us (as children do) and we are officially about to start the 5th season. And in honor of that season and its time-transforming properties, I thought I'd post this: a list I'd made while we watched the very 1st season. This is accidentally my 3rd go around watching Lost (the 2nd time was for Joe) so at this point I've started to notice things a bit more acutely. Please forgive my cynicism. When the Monster and the Others wear off, you are left mostly with agitation.

Try to catch up. This game is sure to floor you every episode, so take small sips.


When Locke or anyone else says "Don't tell me what I can't do!"

Once for each flashback.

Any nickname given by Sawyer.

Every time Kate butts in.

Whenever Kate does the opposite of what Jack tells her.

Whenever Kate just generally gets on your nerves.

Whenever you hate Shannon even more than you hate Kate.


When Claire says "Okay?!"

When someone immediately decides the culprit.

When it turns out it wasn't that person.

Every time Arzt is--Whoops, nevermind. Bye, Arzt.

Whenever someone is irrational.

Whenever the bottom of Locke's foot is way too clean.

When Ethan's baby face--AHHHHH! IT'S ETHAN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!

Any time Jack risks his life even though he is the only doctor and therefore the only real chance at survival on the island.

Every time the women on the show are horrible and the men do everything important.

Whenever you get annoyed by that episode's feature character.

When someone has "daddy issues."

Whenever you wonder how someone got the item they have while on an island.

Any time you remember that if you make it through the season, you will be rewarded with Henry Gale.


Anonymous said...

I'd play by the rules, but somehow I suspect that even if I was drinking water I'd end up drowning myself via water intoxication, although that would be appropriate for a Lost drinking game. Anyway, from here on out I must assume you are trying to kill me, and/or that your an Other...

Emily said...

That's a pretty safe assumption. I do like to wear fake beards.

Unknown said...

Haha I never noticed how many daddy issues there were on the show