Monday, April 4, 2011

Why I Love The Thesaurus

I thought of a hilarious word that I needed to share with Hannah (we do this now and again) but for the life of me, I can't think of what it was. I keep coming back to "hullabaloo" or perhaps "brouhaha" but neither feel quite right. So of course I have resorted to the internet, which entails scrolling through lists of unusual words, hoping a synapse will explode in my brain and I'll remember what it was. Nothing is coming to me, although I have found some awesome words in the meantime. Here are a few:

frowst: to luxuriate in hot stuffiness and stupefaction
fructuary: person enjoying the fruits of anything
fulvous: dull yellow

Which is quite the coincidence because as I currently frowst, I have become a fructuary of fulvous citrus.

The root of this problem is, of course, that I have a terrible memory for words. BREEEEH, correction: a terrible memory for the CORRECT word at the CORRECT time. Which may make you curious (you see), because I am a writer by profession and quasi-maintain a word-filled blog. True. But what is constantly open in my other browser? What is the first thing I bookmark at a new job? What is my lifeblood, my lover, and my friend?

That's right.

Because there are times when the only other synonyms I can think of is the Spanish translation. And there are times when I forget how to spell the world "what." And there are times when the only word I can think of is "matriculate" and I'm pretty sure no normal person knows what that means. Oftentimes including me.

Usually what trips me up is...actually, myself. Because I get one thing stuck in my brain, and for some reason I just CAN'T let it go. "What's that guy's name? Is it Danny? No, that's not it. OH! I got it. Danny. No. How about Danny. No. Danny? No.




...Danny? GOD!!!"

So if you were wondering why I'm not signing my name up to start asking Akex Trebek the questions to his answers, that is why. I'd be the one screaming 'BABY FISH MOUTH!!!!!1' for every answer.

Is it brouhaha? Brouhaha? Howabout brouhaha? Maybe brouhaha? Let me think about it brouhaha.


Margaret said...

Did everyone learn the word matriculate in spanish class?

Anonymous said...

I think it was hoi polloi

Hannah said...

I looked up "innovative" for my Chevy Volt ad. I'm thinking: Revolutionary.

Well first I thought of: "This changes everything" but I do believe that's Apple's thing.

GOD. TV has turned me into a two-bit hack with no remarkable ideas of my own

Anonymous said...

Fracas. I'm betting money on this one.

Dad said...

Students should only be allowed to matriculate together if everyone realizes they would then be sharing the same curriculum...

...Commencement speech, Wheaton Central High School, circa 1972