Monday, March 14, 2011

Tears On St. Patrick's Day

Well I thought you should all know, there WERE, in fact, tears on fake St. Patrick's day on Saturday. But it had nothing to do with any exes and everything to do with the fact that SOME JERK played BUTTERFLY KISSES ON THE JUKEBOX.

And can I just say, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Are you the same person who played Freebird for the third time in as many hours?? Now, I am a reasonable person. And a song that was even cheesy in 1997 does not usually get me going, but put a few hours worth of Bud Lights in me and then BARRAGE ME with a sentimental song about a father's love for his daughter and you have a recipe for waterworks, my friend. And how dare you.

What's worse, the guys had all just gotten up to play darts, so the song came on while four girls sat at the table, staring deeply into their pitcher. Was it some kind of sick joke? Was someone running through the bar, seeing how many girls' nights he could ruin? Or did someone ACTUALLY think that the appropriate song to play after "Friends In Low Places" was FRICKING BUTTERFLY KISSES??

Luckily I didn't stick around for much longer so I didn't hear what was sure to be a round of The Freshman, Brick, and My Immortal. CHRIST.


Dad said...

Yeah. I miss those kisses too. But with all I've done wrong, I must have done something right...and you're proof of that, Mily.


Sra said...

1) Dad is so sweet.
2) I laughed out loud by myself whilst reading that entire post. You, my dearest friend, are hilarious! And, I'm pretty sure we could probably named the guy who played that song "Michael" b/c we all know what connotation THAT name has.