Monday, September 13, 2010

My Summer Happy Place

Well I sure put this one off. I promised you alllllll the way back here (and by "you," I mean "Michelle" and "My Mom" because I'm pretty sure they were the only two reading at the time) that I would tell you about my Summer Happy Place once it got hot out. And BOY did it. I think I just put too much pressure on myself to write something cohesive and, you know...with the words and the letters and the spelling?

But now it's gotten cold and I've avoided it too long. And frankly, you are all missing out. This is pretty much a sure-fire cure for those nights when no position is comfortable to sleep in and you and your pillow get into a fight.

So you wake up. It's late morning. At first, you don't remember where you are. All you know is, you are in the largest, most comfortable bed you have ever slept in. The sheets are light and cool and impossibly soft. The bed feels a bit like you're sinking into it, like Uncle Fester as played by Christopher Lloyd in the Addams Family Movie. Your pillows are huge and softer than a brand new Beanie Baby.

You sit up. You are in a large, bright hotel room, lit by the sun pouring in through the open french doors to your right. The room is filled with white and tan and blue. You realize it's an ocean-side room when you notice the sound of waves crashing on the beach and someone outside laughing in the distance.

The smell of ocean air is interrupted by something else--something closer. Bacon. As you sit up in bed, (Fill in name here) walks in holding a tray of breakfast food. They sit on the bed next to you.

You eat the bacon.

That's all. Now I dare you to imagine that as you fall asleep tonight.

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Adrienne said...

where is that illusive boyfriend to make me bacon in bed?
the post where you tried to solicit the internet for a boyfriend is almost a year old. nobody has even ATTEMPTED to date me.