Friday, November 27, 2009

Two Thanksgivings: WAY better than one.

What a great two-day Thanksgiving!

Since my older sister just had a baby, we decided it would be easier on them to do Thanksgiving on Friday--aka, today. Now, at first, I was quietly worried that this would ruin Thanksgiving. But it's really just extended the holiday into a two-day event!

Yesterday, Joe and I watched bits of the parade to start off our day. I think the Thanksgiving Parade is a bit like candy corn--you only have it once a year, so when it comes back around, you forget that it's not that great. But I always enjoy getting in the spirit, even if getting in the spirit means watching teen idols lip sync to fake Christmas songs. (and by fake, I mean Bing Crosby never sang them)

While we watched the parade, we also started on our recipes for our feasts: for last night (Thursday), we made a veggie plate and REAL cranberry sauce. It always amazes me that people would consider eating cranberry sauce out of a can, because of how EAAAASY it is to make. All you do is put some cranberries in hot water, and watch as it becomes sauce. Joe's never seen it made before. I think he was impressed.

Next, we headed out for a Thanksgiving movie: Fantastic Mr Fox! It was great, and so perfect for Thanksgiving. I think it's going to be my traditional holiday movie for this holiday. We weren't sure how many people would be seeing a matinee on Thanksgiving Day in the city. Turns out, not a ton--but not too shabby either.

Finally, we went out for Friend Thanksgiving. Most people in Joe's grad school program are from out of town, and not everyone could make it home for the holiday, so we all got together and did a bit of a pot luck. Very fun! And it was okay that--turns out--no one made a turkey, because TODAY is true Thanksgiving. Family Thanksgiving. Arguing, laughing, how-do-you-make-that-stuff-again? Thanksgiving. Our pies are in the oven, and we wait patiently for my dad to arrive. OH CRAP I HAVEN'T SHOWERED YET!

Also I think I've said Thanksgiving about twenty million times in this post. But just for good measure...thanksgiving.

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