Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Filling up my days

People ask me all the time: "So...what do you DO?"

Since becoming unemployed in February (except a six-week freelancing stint in the summer) no one really knows what I do with my time. And sometimes neither do I. What DO I do all day? And so I've decided to make a list, so I know what to tell people.

1. I volunteer with kids.
2. I've been teaching myself how to cook and bake.
3. I'm organizing all of my family's photos, 1982-present. I'm up to 1987.
4. I've been enjoying the weather before it leaves us (which might be today).
5. I explore my neighborhoods while listening to podcasts.
6. I attempt to stay up on Advertising News.
7. I take advantage of an empty gym during the day.
8. I spend time with Joe (the bf) and with friends.
9. And yeah. I watch a lot of TV and surf a lot of internet. Because I'm unemployed, and there are 24 hours in the day.

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