Friday, November 19, 2010

A Quick Apology

Because I actually started writing a whole post yesterday, and it was by far the most boring thing I've ever written. I was trying to explain what I do with my life lately and then make it funny and quirky and filled with OH, EMILY kind of moments, but it dovetailed into "and then we do fun stuff or sometimes I play Facebook games" and "I have a kitler and she finally started snuggling" and "I need to organize my sock drawer." So I gave up.

But I'm determined to impress Tim Gunn and MAKE IT WORK and not be such a bad blogger who loses all her precious, lovely, wonderful, smart readers (And did I mention that is an adorable blouse?)

This weekend, Joe and I take a trip to Michigan for the first time since our camping disaster, although this time it's for pleasant things like drinking cider and eating doughnuts and not horrendous things like showering with a two-to-one water-to-mosquito ratio, so I'm hoping I'll either have something to share with you, or at least some time while we drive to brainstorm and write and come up with genius stories.

And if you'd rather not have to do difficult things like "remembering the name of this blog", you can "like" the Facebook page and when I update, it'll show up in your News Feed. That way, you don't have to get increasingly frustrated when you come back here and it's still the damn post about how Everybody Loves Whales (*shudder*)

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