Monday, November 1, 2010

A Plea Before You Vote

So mid-term elections are tomorrow. If you are one of the unlucky ones like me, who suffer through garbage campaign ads, you are well aware: Everyone is terrible, the world will crumble if anyone is elected, and no one is looking out for your interests but only their own.

So if you're voting tomorrow, please use your head. Vote for people that agree with your general interests and pray that, if it turns out they ARE the terrible, money-laundering, black-and-white photo the ads say they are, pray they'll be a hilarious one like Rod who you can at least make jokes about on the interweb, while the smoke slowly plumes from your head.

My only two personal interests, if it weren't obvious from the fact that I mention them all the time, are education and gay rights.

For the former: I have no idea what needs to be done or who should be elected in order to fix it, all I have to say is FIX IT.

Just someone for the love of God, fix our education system so my dad can read aloud to his students again, and doesn't have to stick to the "if it isn't tested it doesn't matter" mantra that has become The Public School System. My personal idea: why don't we just ask Switzerland (or whatever blonde country it is that's doing so well) what they're doing and then just copy them? They're pretty AND smart AND rich. I say, screw the American Dream. I want the Swiss Dream. And I want it to start in our schools.

And as far as gay rights go, I have tried and failed many times to write a gay marriage-centered post that doesn't end with me spitting out half-formed sentences of anger and bewilderment. And then I found this article from Newsweek, "The Conservative Case For Gay Marriage" which was written before Prop 8 was overturned (can I get a WHAT WHAT) and it's perfect. This is the most comprehensive articulation that I've seen of what people are saying against universal gay marriage and the logical arguments to refute them. So for today, I direct you there with a slow bow and a "namaste."

So if you vote tomorrow, I just ask you from my personal heart to yours: be nice to the kids and the gays. In both cases, they just want to have the same opportunities as you and I.


Liketohike said...

1. I heart Keenan and FIX IT. Weekend update is the only thing funny on SNL.

2. I loved that Newsweek article, I remember reading it the final resting place for all old Newsweek magazines (aka Mom n Dad's bathroom)

3. My captcha below is "matingly". I'm just thinking about how that would be used in a sentence.

Liketohike said...

Sorry my comments are always a numbered list. I just have a lot to say?